Friday, February 24, 2017

Why I like working for CVAC and you can, too.

This week, CVAC posted two new positions for which we are accepting applications. These positions will allow us to expand our staff and services to better meet the needs of victims in the St. Louis area. Before you check out the job descriptions and requirements here, it might be helpful to learn why CVAC is such a great place to work. 

Dannielle (2 years at CVAC): The people are absolutely amazing. Working within the criminal justice system allows us to do outreach to fill gaps in services where victims often fall through the cracks. 

Peggy (16 years at CVAC): I love working at CVAC because the office culture really values self care. The work is hard, even if you feel you are meant to do it, but the staff is very supportive of each other. Working here is like being part of a family.

Katie (4 years at CVAC): I like working at CVAC because we have very few stipulations on who we can serve. If you feel you have been victimized, you can come to us for help. Because of this, we have a very diverse client population with diverse needs. 

Megan (2 years at CVAC): I enjoy working for CVAC because of my unique setting in the courts and the opportunities available to me within that setting. As a full time student pursuing my masters, I also enjoy the ability, support, and encouragement to pursue higher education.

Jessica (13 years at CVAC): I like working at CVAC because we are encouraged to form meaningful partnerships with other agencies. This allows us to constantly update our services and increase the quality of those services. We also can have a meaningful impact through public advocacy and training that affect victims who never directly receive our services.

CVAC is an equal opprtunity employer and diverse candidates are encouraged to apply.  

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